Come to our school, or have the teacher come to you
Chinese lessons for corporations

We teach business owners and entertainment personalities looking to break into China!
We will customize lessons to meet your level
Pay only for the lessons you attend

Offering uniform courses and programs has a negative impact on the achievement, continuation, and learning effectiveness of Chinese language acquisition.

At Reiwa Chinese Center, we will create an individualized lesson plan based on your level and learning preferences.

You can set the duration and frequency of lessons to suit your needs. There is no need for a long-term comprehensive contract to take lessons, and you only pay for the lessons you take.

Continuity is power; let's have fun learning with Chinese culture and common sense!


Reiwa Chinese Center has the following unique qualities


Pay by the lesson

There is no need for long-term comprehensive contracts or lump-sum payments. You can pay per lesson (or monthly for live broadcasts). Unlike other companies, there is no need to pay high fees in advance.


A system that allows for sustained learning

You can't learn a language without learning continuously. In addition to our unique and effective teaching methods, Reiwa Chinese Center also offers a fun system that allows you to continue your studies, such as fun live streaming and Chinese cooking events.


Easy learning on your smartphone

We offer two live lessons each week for every level. Broadcasts are available via LINE, so you can learn anytime, anywhere. You can also ask questions via chat and watch videos from past lessons.

The following people are taking this course

Owners and employees of companies that do business in China Service workers who deal with tourists from China Entertainers and personalities who want to expand into the Chinese market People who want to learn Chinese in English to maintain their English skills People who want to learn Chinese and Chinese culture and life intensively before going on business or traveling

Please feel free to consult with us about anything, whether it's commuting to school, online lessons, or dispatch teachers.

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