About the Reiwa Chinese Center

If you want to learn Chinese that you can use in business in China, or if you want to understand Chinese culture, sensibilities, and common sense to help smooth communication, Reiwa Chinese Center provides Chinese language education services that can help you.

In recent years, China has become a more familiar and attractive market for Japan due to the development of communication methods such as the Internet, SNS, and international travel. Depending on your field of business, China may be considered part of the same market like Japan, or they may be considered a competitive market that bears watching, and with a huge population that is still developing, China is expected to become an even bigger consumer market in the future.

At a time when English is the standard for international business, and many people are learning it, learning Chinese is a great way to stay ahead of the curve in international business. Even if you do not speak English, consider that more than 800 million people speak Chinese as their first language, far exceeding the 400 million who speak English. In Asian countries around China, such as Singapore and Malaysia, 25 to 60 percent of the population speaks Chinese. If you add the population of Chinese people around the world, one out of every four people in the world speaks Chinese, making Chinese an international language that surpasses English.

Company Profile

Service name Reiwa Chinese Center
Operation Unitips, Inc.
Location BIZ SMART Yoyogi 307, 1-25-5 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0053
Capital ¥19 million
Establishment 2002
CEO Shoichi Nonoyama