Past Chinese Lessons


The Reiwa Chinese Center is a new Chinese language teaching center that started in May 2019. We offer numerous individual and small group lessons including preparations. We would like to introduce some of these lessons to you.

Past Achievements

Client Case 1

Client type School workers
Desires/Goals They worked with China through educational business, and were using an interpreter, but would like to be able to communicate themselves, as they would meet repetitively.
Students Two China business managers
Duration Approximately six months
Lesson details Taught basic pronunciation and grammar, and brought them up to daily conversation levels of Chinese.

Client Case 2

Client type Entertainers
Desires/Goals They wanted to increase their work from China (films and television) and wanted to communicate directly with Chinese fans.
Students Entertainers
Duration Approximately two years
Lesson details Taught them to an advanced level from nothing.

Client Case 3

Client type Service
Desires/Goals The number of Chinese customers increased, and they wanted to be able to properly listen to the needs of their customers. They also wanted to be able to explain products.
Students Service staff
Duration Approximately one year
Lesson details After learning daily conversation, they moved on to learn expressions that are often used in service situations.

Client Case 4

Client type Trade company
Desires/Goals They could already speak English but had the chance to work at their company overseas, and so wanted to learn Chinese as well.
Students Employee
Duration Approximately one year
Lesson details Learned everything from the basics to business-level Chinese.

Client Case 5

Client type Japanese teacher
Desires/Goals They loved the Three Kingdoms and wanted to be able to read the original in Chinese. They also liked Chinese period dramas, and wanted to enjoy the broadcasts in Chinese.
Students Teacher
Duration Approximately one year
Lesson details They started with beginner classes in reading and listening, and made it up to intermediate classes.

Client Case 6

Client type Business owner
Desires/Goals They were developing a game app and wanted to publish it in China as well. They believed that knowing the language would help to understand the culture.
Students Business owner
Duration Approximately one year
Lesson details They started with beginner lessons, and are still taking classes.

Client Case 7

Client type University student
Desires/Goals They were offered a job at a Japanese railway company and wanted to acquire the communication skills to deal with the increasing number of Chinese tourists.
Students University student
Duration Approximately one year
Lesson details Took daily conversation lessons.

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